Goodbye Buffalo

Dear TEAM:

I’m now it the Albuquerque airport after a plesant ride on the shuttle here- the driver, John, was pretty cool, espousing his views on living in Taos and the rest of the world the whole way. He also took us on a senic by-pass of Espanola through the cute little town of Santa Cruz, so that was nice. It turns out my flight was delayed until 2pm, so I have some time to relax and there is free wi-fi here! Awesome. I’m glad I took the 8:30 shuttle here because I was able to have a relaxing last morning at the Buffalo, and on my run down Tune Drive to Mamby hot springs on the East Rim I saw a perfect vertical rainbow straight south of me, right next to Tres Orejas. There were lots of low dark grey clouds to the south this morning, so it must have been raining down there. I like to see the rainbow was a good luck/good bye present from NM. I will miss this place a lot, but I hope to be back soon ( and I know I will: the fact that three people tried to sell me land while I was out in the field this summer suggests to me that I’m meant to be here).

Anyway, I’m also sad to have to say goodbye to such a wonderful crew of people with whom I’ve been living with for the past 40 days, I’m sure a better field crew could not have been drawn together, and I’m excited to hear what you all discover later this month! I will ┬ábe avidly following this blog so keep it updated. And we should all get together (more than once even!) in NYC this coming school year to share ideas and good times.

And a special shout out to Galen: I’m so sorry I didn’t see you this morning! Girl, you are awesome and inspiring, I could not have survived my little rail road grade hiking adventure without you. I expect some garden reports and photos-post them during your afternoon breaks please.

Finally, if S-core (whom I think Sev was with this morning) remembers to remind Sev to get me a giant yucca seed pod, send it to me at 1198 Rossiter Lane, Radnor, PA, 19087 (or send me other things, any postcard that is sent to me will go in my postcard collection which gets hung on the wall where ever I’m living). My brother will love you forever and he’s super excited at the prospect of adding the seeds to his desert botany collection of plants under the grow lamps at my parent’s house in PA. And I will pay back the postage for sure.

lots of love, Hannah


Below the belt/Kaet’s Summer Camp

Which would you choose-Mason-laying or a Mason jar?
I’d rather be a Mason jar, so I would be strong and clear and could hold things. I’d be fillable. Kaet’s snorting and says something like ‘so much for the third wave.’ and that we’re not vessels waiting to be filled. i say at that mason jars are strong even when they’re empty and they can seal themselves. and brick-layers labor for others, not for themselves.
“no. no, it’s better to be a bricklayer. maybe you work for other people, but you can create for yourself.’
and now i’m thinking that i don’t see much of a difference between brick walls and glass walls, anyway. one is for the enclosed, and one encloses.