The Trash Heap Has Spoken

Long time no blog. Sorry about that. I’ve been working in the trash heap since last week, but we (Paco, Farah, Hannah, Sev and I) have dug enough to actually write something about it. It is actually getting really interesting. Sev and co opened a long 1m wide trench through the potential trash pit with the intention of recovering as many artifacts as possible. We now know that this trash was dumped to fill in an arroyo, since the edge of the arroyo runs through the southern end of the trench. I decided today that metal springs are the most annoying artifact to dig in the world, and that future archaeologists, when they start digging up things from our time they will have a massively hard task. We have so much awkward material culture, at least from an excavation point of view. Also, as Galen put it so eloquently yesterday “New Mexico soil sucks.” the layer of dirt at the top of the trash pit is solid clay, that we have to hack through with hand picks. It is not fun. The reward underneath is pretty cool though, lots and lots of artifacts. In fact, most days we are spending the afternoon inside washing artifacts, since we overflow at least three buckets with newly excavated stuff every morning. I think I have uncovered the bottom of the trash deposit in the southern portion of the trench, and we think that we have a car/vehicle starting to come through  in the northern portion, which is very exciting! The southern portion is where I have been primarily working, and the comment abut the springs refers to the bed of what look like mattress springs that are covering the southern portion of the trench, which are stuck in the profile and are impossible to dig around.

INTERESTING FINDS SO FAR: birth control pills, unused condoms, underwear, coke bottles, kids toys, wine bottles, carling black label can, brightly colored textiles, socks, shoes (including high heels), a leather bag, spoons, random gears, a plate with a pot leaf imprint, bugler tobacco cans, planters peanuts cans, burnt newspaper.

Will keep you updated.


One thought on “The Trash Heap Has Spoken

  1. oh, photos pleaaaase. especially of the car?! as it starts to emerge….this is the unidentified metal object Sev and I started uncovering on day one, right?

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