overheard in new buffalo

(part one; a collaborative effort)

“I am one hairy motherfucker.” – Sev

“I’ve been a lot of things, but I’ve never been cool. I was a band geek!” -Dianne

“Look it up on your google machine on the internets!” – Joe

“What is this?”
“Evisceration! Haven’t you read the poultry book?” -Galen and Mason

(on her hair) “It’s all in here…breakups, immaturity, guacamole…” -Galen

“Special food is food with marijuana in it.” -Mason.

“So we were like listening to James Brown, and my nose was smoking.” -Annie

“I want to go to college when I want to get knowledge, not when I want to get drunk.” -Mason

The number one rule of almost every sauna is….hrrmmm.” -Annie

(on baby boomers) “I mean, you people have been in charge for forty years, and the world is fucked!” -Joe

“Peace and love, like your T-shirt.”
“My T-shirt says nothing about peace and love.”
“It has rainbow teddy bears and roses on it.”
-Galen and Mason

“No, that’s wrong. Whatever you were about to say is wrong.” -Kaet

“If you drowned, I would be totally bummed out.” -Galen, to Dianne, in the Rio Grande

“It’s like you had a party in your mouth, but only half your friends were invited.” -Elizabeth

“I didn’t mean to hit you, you were just all oiled up.” -Annie, to Galen

“If there were ever a place in this world for perversity, this is it.” -Annie

“Eat the special food….then lay some bricks.” – Kaet

“Sev: How much further does the trash pit go down?

Dianne: I don’t know because there is a bed and under the bed is a lawn chair.”

“We will have 7 salads and 30 pizzas. We might not make it.” – Kaet (Channeling Annie)


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