fake floors and volcanic ash

Today was a really tough day in general. Maybe it was because we were moving slow because there was only a few of us, maybe it was because i am exhausted and itchy all over. I feel so embarrassed, because I look like a plague victim, or that I have smallpox or something because I have so many bites on my face. It’s really getting me down.
Anyway, for whatever reason, today was tough and part of that was the ‘fake floor’ that appeared early in the day. I worked solo in Unit 1 heartfire all day today and began the day really hopeful. About 5-7cm below the level I left it at yesterday i hit what appeared to be a floor. I started in the hearth in the SE corner and uncovered two adjoining rocks that formed a barrier between the hearth and the rest of the house. These were definetly intentionally placed. at the same level as the rock I found a hard surface that was grayish flecked with white. This continued until almost the North end of the unit, but then it disappeared into the ash deposit and sage disturbance. and completely dissapeared at the boundary of unit 2 and then continued to be lost in Unit 2. So we started doubting the floor I found in the morning as a ‘fake’ floor, and needed to dig further. On the upper ‘floor’ I found some great stuff though, such as glass, a polished purple stone, two beads, some string and at least 3 shell casings. In the afternoon I starting taking down the NE corner another 10cm and hit more of the huge ash deposit, including some pieces of glass-like rocks. there were no cultural materials from inside the ash deposit, which kept spreading, the more I dug. I was finding cultural material in the surrounding dirt, such as a few nails, pieces of glass and charcoal. I took down the area from the N to the south about a foot and a half and leveled it off. Sev came at the end of the day and told us that the first floor I found was the actual floor and that all the ask we were uncovering was geological from a volcano and that we had dug under the floor area, which in the end was a good thing. I’m exhausted now, so I’m going to bed.


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