unseasonably hot in taos

but today, we opted for cds instead of the radio station we can get pretty clearly – one of the few with a mix that suits most – so no one was there to tell us it was unseasonably hot today in taos. well, arroyo hondo…no breeze finds its way into the pit house. only we find our way in there. well, and the sounds of the radio/cds/musics. the very fact of music while we are working is a wonderful off-set to the heat and grind of mid-day excavating.

we’ve moved an impressive amount of dirt. and we are making really good progress. the walls are looking good in units 3 and 2 – even some plaster very visible now in unit 3! unit one is the hot unit these days…hotter than Taos  or Arroyo Hondo i think 😉 some neat finds keep coming out of that unit. and strangely, some intense ash concentrations/pockets that are curious indeed. unit four, i opened with lindsey today – it proved to be a difficult and trying unit. the entire 2×2 was dominated by wall fall and its non-contents. well, we recovered a goodly amount of stuff, but compared to the amount of dirt we moved it felt as few. it’s shaping out really well though and i’m mad impressed at lindsey for giving it such a good go on crutches.

the heat has begun to make me somewhat slap-happy as the day progresses. its all i can do to keep my giggles together sometimes in the afternoons after lunch. screening sometimes helps. something about that gigantic serenity out there – the view that seems like it would never fit inside a photograph – harnesses those giggles into some more productive energy. though sometimes not much helps at all. which is relieving in those moments.

we almost baked the radio/cd player today though. galen brought it back to life and we had some good tunes throughout the afternoon – pondering about the temperature as we sweated out dirts and fine dusts from our pores. at least that’s how this dry heat feels to me. sometimes i’m amazed at how thorough the dust film over my skin and clothes is.

even my feet burn. still. that right big toe really could have used to learn how to bend again. apparently i put a lot of my body weight right there as i excavate. an ice cold foot massage sounds good right about now. walking around barefoot feels better than shoes at the moment. maybe because my feet can stretch and work and breathe.

now back to artifacts…


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