I’ve been a lot of things, but I’ve never been cool

My posts are boring, and this is partly because I’m boring and partly because I wanted this to be a help to Kaet in reconstructing what I’ve done in the excavation. So today, I worked in Heartfire all day. We completed level 2 by the end of the day, mapped, leveled and photoed and all ready to go for tomorrow. I started the day working with Ian and he started taking the N side down another 10cm, while I finished the south side’s last 10cm and then tried to match him. Yesterday, when I was digging the hearth, I found nothing except for charcoal and a bit of ash, so we closed the hearth today before I started taking it down some more. Perhaps that was a mistake, I don’t know, but I found tons of artifacts in the 10-20 cm below where we called the feature. I found three coins, tons of nails and a couple beads. I also uncovered a huge ash deposit that starts in the hearth and continues along the East side of the pithouse through Heartfire and into Earth Mother. The ash pit is really white and fine, i joked that I found the hippie stash of coke. šŸ™‚ The final 10cm before the end of the level had a harder browner layer, followed by a gravelly, sandy layer and then under the gravel layer was the packed earth and color change (it’s more red). In the hearth, the layers above the end of the level were packed with rocks, properly gravel-like. We also recovered an entire dos xx bottle broken up. I wonder if we will reconstruct it :). More tomorrow. Peace.


One thought on “I’ve been a lot of things, but I’ve never been cool

  1. Diane
    How much cooler can you get than being at a place called New Buffalo and digging for hippie artifacts. This has to be the coolest thing a person can do during the summer even though the weather is very hot. You’ll have some very cool things to talk about later on.

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