for the first time

so we got this blog up last week and this is my first post.

i’ve been trying to get out of a list style of writing

but so far, i’m finding it quite difficult. most of my thoughts translate into organizational lists – about the work, about the site, about what needs to get done, what needs are needed to be attended too and what needs are needing…

typically, i’m thinking about our next steps in the unit. constantly repeating our excavation goals to myself as we go along: locate the walls; a floor surface; define and get a sense of hippie architecture; what is this material culture? what is the occupation sequence? what is the arcaheological project?

so far, i’ve been asking more questions: why did people stop living or occupying the pit house? when? how did they maintain the structure? where were the walls? what was inside the structure? what did they bring into the structure? what did they take with them? why was the structure initially built? was it a good escape spot from the commune? did it feel like a breath of fresh air? how would one have ended up/chosen to live out there? how did they deal with bugs? was there ever an infestation? in the wood? did this lead to departures? where departures timely or premature? was the trash area in use at the same time as the pit house?

but this question quickly gets me into a whole other set of questions for the other two research areas: the trash deposit and the kitchen site.

and the lists go on. most making it into my field notes. some remain in my head, as long as i can keep them there – an incentive to accomplish them and build a new list.

last friday, i didn’t even know it was friday until paco said it was. it was a refreshing feeling actually.

time certainly moves different out here. slower but not dragging. full but not overwhelming (generally) and well, with a patience that seems to lack in other places, like new york city (though i’ve grown to love and miss that city much).

we try to start work by 7am and we go until 4 or 5pm. lunch break happens at 1pm. midmoring snack happens at 10am. work happens in between.

we’ve opened up 3 units now in the pit house and have begun to better define the walls – even a wall face with plaster residue – tierra blanca. we’ve also be defining the hearth.

we’ve named the 2010 crew “team”.

things team has recovered so far:


nails (for construction)

beer cans, 1 soda can

a crocodile playing a banjo toy

a “love” sherd


a vial with unknown liquid

loose change from the 60s and 70s

eye glass lenses

metal bin

metal tub




and recently from the surface of the trash deposit – trojan brand condoms, more beer cans, some ceramics, a nickel, a variety of fabrics and tobacco tins

more to come.

it’s been massively exciting so far.

and here, back to lists. i think it’s easier on my mind when it’s tired.




i just needed to make a post. now i can get rolling on this.

more to come…


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