Saturday Looks Good To Me

Yesterday was incredibly productive, even though we only spent half the day on site. By lunchtime it became wicked hot, almost 100, without a cloud in the sky. I felt the heat in a bad way and felt pretty sick when I got home, but felt better after a nap in the buffalo room, which was lovely. We took down heartfire another 10cm, but found out that our level readings yesterday must have been off, because after shifting a ton of dirt, the level reading was the exact same height! Methods-wise, things went a lot smoother today than yesterday, we finally got into that groove and hopefully will keep moving fast over the next week. Sev says that when we get more people, we will actually open more sites and do them simultaneously, which will be pretty intense. I hope I get to stay in the pit-house, I love digging and am finding this whole process fascinating. I will eventually post on the implications of this site to the process of archaeology, but I need to formulate my thoughts better before I write about it. I was digging in the hearth at the SE corner most of the day, because lots of stuff was coming out of it, but I finally starting hitting ash and charcoal, which is great. No sign of the floor yet anywhere in the unit, and the fill outside of the hearth is pretty sterile. We found that the blue plastic thing in the middle of the unit is some type of funnel, for what use, I have no idea yet. Also, in the SW corner, I came across more of the red soft soil at the profile, which is perhaps the south wall? More tomorrow, so excited!


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