June 4

Today began early, we got out there at around 7:30, which was great because we took advantage of the shadow over the two units and the coolness of the morning. We had too many people, so Kaet and I let the others do some digging and we did recording, bagging and sifting. The sifting is great, we are finding a lot of good things, like plastic, tar paper (which was identified by Joe when he came down to visit the site and take a look, before we were calling it leather or tire), lots of wood, charcoal and I found a shell casing (Unit 1) and some small fragments of paper with writing on them (Unit 2). At about 10:45 we decided to take a snack break and when we came back we had a talk with Sev, and he told us we were digging all wrong. I felt really lame and stupid, because it made me realize how long it has been since I have participated in an American academic rigorous dig, and not CRM or Peruvian work that do things half-way or as fast as possible. I’ve forgotten how to dig properly, unfortunately. Anyway, so the rest of the morning we spent fixing that mistake, instead of searching for the floor, we started leveling off the units to get the horizontal picture. By the end of the day, we had leveled both units to around 1.79m (Unit 1) and 1.78m (Unit 2). After the morning break and for the rest of the day, I was excavating, primarily in Unit 1. The afternoon was horribly hot. We should definitely try and work early, because even when we work in the afternoon, we are less productive, because we have to keep taking breaks to hydrate or to cool off in the shade. I know there were points during the afternoon where I felt pretty bad and needed to sit in the shade and cool off a bit. The radio was up and working today, and even though we couldn’t get K-Tao, it was good to have music of any type. In Unit 1, there is what looks like slumped adobe from the walls along the E side. This is harder, more compact and a deeper reddish color, as opposed to the looser brown fill. We leveled the unit off from the reddish adobe, and are potentially calling that the level tomorrow. The hearth in the SE corner is becoming more interesting, since it has a barrel that now has a slit in it. The ‘hearth’ is very strange, because we are pretty close to the bottom of the barrel-thing and we haven’t found any significant concentrations of charcoal, wood, ash or any of the typical fire materials.


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